First Tee

ClubUp and First Tee are a natural fit as partners due to both organizations putting an emphasis on youth development through the game of golf.  The relationship started in 2017 when ClubUp became a National Silver Level Partner of First Tee.  A partnership with First Tee on a national level enables ClubUp to connect with chapters around the United States to create awareness of caddie opportunities at golf and country clubs which use ClubUp technology to help facilitate their caddie program.  The relationship is a win for everyone involved:

  • First Tee Participants: Caddie opportunities at some of the best golf courses in the country and networking with local adults who often can be mentors.
  • First Tee Chapters: Ability to make participants aware of caddie opportunities at ClubUp partner clubs in the local area. 
  • Golf Clubs: A supply of caddies who are enthusiastic about the game and have been taught valuable lessons and etiquette from the curriculum at First Tee.
  • Golfers: The opportunity to help out local young people who love the game of golf and are willing to work hard on the golf course.

The relationship between ClubUp and First Tee has been fantastic and as ClubUp continues to grow into new markets, it will become even stronger.

Colorado Golf Association

ClubUp and The Colorado Golf Association developed a partnership in October 2019 with the shared goal of expanding the role of youth in the game of golf. One of the great benefits of the ClubUp relationship with the CGA, is the access to the hundreds of Colorado teens who caddie at three golf courses in Denver and Grand Junction.

The Solich Caddie and Leadership academy was founded in 2012 with the explicit goal of getting Denver area youth involved in golf, and to create opportunities for young people to develop leadership skills and enhance character through a foundation built around caddying.

Many Solich graduates go on to receive Chick Evans Scholarships, while also working at some of the most prestigious private golf clubs in Colorado and the Midwest. All caddies that go through the Solich Academy two year program are in the ClubUp system, and will be communicated with and scheduled through ClubUp at CommonGround Golf Course, Meridian Golf Course, and Tiara Rado Golf course. This allows the Solich Academy clubs to more efficiently and effectively communicate with their caddies while providing a more enjoyable experience for club staff and golfers alike.

ClubUp relishes the opportunity to work with great groups like the CGA and Solich Academy, and looks forward to expanding the relationship for years to come.

Metropolitan Golf Association

ClubUp and the MGA started our partnership in the spring of 2018.  The MGA was looking to partner with a company that could help the MGA member clubs facilitate their caddie programs in a way that is more compliant with independent contractor regulations and also help make caddying more efficient and attractive to young people.

The partnership has led to several MGA member clubs starting on the ClubUp platform with more growth expected in 2020.  In addition, the MGA Foundation adds each of their participants who complete the MGA Caddie Training into a caddie pool within the ClubUp system that is broken up by region. This allows MGA member clubs to have a supply of caddies that can be added to their caddie pools whenever there is a shortage of caddies.  To date, the relationship has been very successful and ClubUp is excited to find new ways to grow with the MGA in the future.

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ClubUp provides a modern, more efficient way of communicating with our caddies, which was the objective when we met to discuss the potential of using their software. However, what really attracted us to partner with ClubUp is the ability to improve the member experience at Southern Hills.  The ClubUp system is the perfect solution for our caddie program in 2020. Advanced scheduling of caddies, COVID-19 Contact Tracing and GPS check-in will be key for the safety of the caddies and members.

Cary Cozby

Head professional at Southern hills Cc