ClubUp Golfer FAQ

How do I access my profile page?

The circle at the top right of your app will take you to your profile page.

How do I set up my 'Favorite Caddies'?

You will setup ‘Favorite Caddies’ in your profile section of the app.


How many ‘Favorite Caddies’ can I have?

As many as you like!  There is no limit on "Favorite Caddies’".


Instead of sending my request to ‘Favorite Caddies’ I want to send it to a specific caddie, can I do that?

Yes, in the ClubUp App you will have the ability to send a caddie request to all caddies in the caddie pool, your favorite caddies or to a specific caddie by name.


Can I add preferences to send to the caddie?

Yes.  In your profile you can add ‘Notes for Caddies’, which will be sent to the caddie prior to the round.