How to add Favorite Caddies and Member Preferences:


In the profile section of your ClubUp App, click "Edit Profile"


Click which group you want to add caddies to:

     - Paramount Caddies: The top caddies you would like to work for you

     - Favorite Caddies: Caddies you prefer if your paramount caddies are unavailable

     - Excluded Caddies: Caddies you do not want to work for you


Add caddies to add to each group:

     - Type name of caddie into search bar or scroll through list

     - Click on caddie's name to add to your profile


In main profile screen, scroll down to bottom until you see "Notes for Caddies" section:

     - Click "edit notes"

     - Type in any preferences or notes you would like your caddies to see when they are            scheduled to work for you

     - Click "save"